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Uber Eats Promo Codes
Signing up for UberEats using a Uber Eats Coupon Code eats-z00qz can get you $10 off your first order.

Hungry? Uber Eats will deliver whatever you’re craving right to your doorstep. The ultimate in convenience, get a head start with $10 in free food when you use Uber Eats Referral Code: eats-z00qz today (those are zeros in the code, by the way). Enjoy these great deals, fellow Canadians!

How to enter your code? Before you place your first UberEats order, go to your Account > Promotions > Enter Code and type in eats-z00qz to get $10 for free. Valid for new users only.

Why do I love Uber Eats?

Whatever your craving, Uber Eats will get it to your doorstep quickly. They have a huge roster of delivery drivers thanks to their years of offering rides throughout the country. As for quality of food, I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences. The couriers are very nice, the in-app chat is useful, and my food has always arrived hot and fresh. In all my years of using the app, I haven’t had anyone run off with my food or otherwise mishandle the food. Restaurants are also very used to using food delivery services now, and will take extra steps to ensure food safety, such as putting stickers or stapling the bag shut, to avoid tampering. Despite the pandemic, I have felt very comfortable with my food orders. I do take precautions such as throwing out the packaging materials and transferring the food into my own containers once it arrives, as a good habit. Otherwise, I think Uber Eats is actually a great service since you don’t need to go outside and interact with others. Your food can be left at your doorstep without any face-to-face contact, and you can put delivery notes directly into the app itself.

Uber Eats: Eats Pass

The Uber Eats Eats Pass is probably the best part of Uber Eats for me. If you eat out a lot (I do), the Eats Pass is tremendous value since it gives you 5% off every order and reduced delivery fees. For me, this equals huge savings, especially since Uber Eats also provides lots of discount codes that stack on top! Right now, when you sign up for Uber Eats using Uber Eats Promo Code eats-z00qz, you can also sign up for 1 month free of the Eats Pass and take advantage of another 5% off your food on top, reduced delivery fees, bonuses for Uber Rides (including member only rides pricing), and many more members-only discounts.

Ready to discover new restaurants or grocery delivery?

Browse the app and you may even discover restaurants you never knew about! I am always pleasantly surprised when I use their map view and I discover new places to order food. Lately, I’ve also used their Grocery Delivery service, where I can even get products delivered from Costco (no Costco membership needed!). What’s even better, my courier will call me while at the store to make sure I didn’t forget to order any essentials. How great is that? Their prices are also very reasonable and with added coupons, can often be cheaper than going in-store. Plus, no need to carry heavy items yourself. It’s very convenience and even if you don’t want to take advantage of these apps, perhaps a parent or grandparent could use this service (and you can even order for them and have items delivered to them!).

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