Small Batch Small Batch’s Long Journey to Indie Rock Stardom Finally Paying Off The New York City indie rock band Small Batch has been making waves thanks to their distinctive sound and compelling live shows. The band came together in a tiny Brooklyn room in 2015 when Max Rivers (vocals/guitar), Adam Greene (bass), and Jake Martin (drums) began jamming and realized they had something special. The sound of Small Batch embodies the spirit of the city and its inhabitants with its mixture of gritty guitar riffs, raw lyrics,… Read More
KIZZ DANIEL – THE BUGA CROONER Live In Concert at TORONTO, CANADA It’s another hit moment with the popular Buga Crooner, Kizz Daniel live in concert on a hot and steamy night amidst excited fans in TORONTO, CANADA. Renown artist KIZZ DANIEL will be live in concert in Toronto on Saturday, October 8, 2022 at Universal Event Center 6250 HWY 7, Vaughan, ON, L4H 4G3. The concert is brought to Toronto by Microbell Media Group (MMG) in conjunction with AfoCity Entertainment. Early Bird General Admission Tickets: $70… Read More
Hunter Bibby Hunter Bibby’s Honest Single “Pride” Has Fans Talking At his most vulnerable, Hunter Bibby feels the most creative. Unguardedness goes hand-in-hand with putting out hits like ‘Pride’. More than anything, music is Hunter Bibby’s crutch, a beautiful coping mechanism. But not everyone who wants to create good music, can create good music. Budding recording artist Hunter Bibby has undeniably continued to cement a stance within the music world this past year. What started as a way to channel energy went on to become a… Read More
FiveStarSportsPicks Rock Group FiveStarSportsPicks Is Paving A Way In The Music Industry The road to success for FiveStarSportsPicks wasn’t an easy one. They had to hustle hard and go through the grind earlier in his life to break into the music scene. Not being afraid of failure or learning new things, their positive attitude has taken them on a long journey in the music world. The group are originally from Idaho, but currently reside in Los Angeles and have fortified presence within the Canadian and American music industries. Their… Read More
Nick Gomez Singer-Songwriter Nick Gomez Is An Artist To Watch Everybody loves music. Everybody has their own connection with it, a simple melody that transports you to your sunny childhood, a rhythm that reminds you when the going was tough, and another that fills you with gratitude for everything you have. Music can give a sense of space, freedom, and also of pain and fear. Music speaks the language of all. But for ‘When Stars Fall Under the Night Sky, hitmaker Nick Gomez's music helps… Read More
Musical Forerunner Cody Vaujin Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down Everyone has a different experience when it comes to music. Taste in music expresses something deeper about our identity and apex, a resounding conviction about our own being. Cody Vaujin expresses himself, As you may be aware, the music industry is quite ambitious, and it needs a great level of commitment to stay afloat. When Cody Vaujin displays that kind of dedication to his art, he means business. His tenacity is unmistakable, and he's dedicated… Read More
Lilly Iaschelcic Lilly Iaschelcic’s Insights on the Uplifting Impact Music Has On Our Soul During Lilly Iaschelcic’s research of music as an art form and a part of everyday life, Lilly Iaschelcic realized that music lends wings to the human imagination. Scenes can be created and rebuilt using the melody, lyrics, and instruments of a song. "Music fuels imagination about life and everything around us," she claims.  Music is the soul of the universe, described by Plato as a "moral norm," and each person defines music differently based on… Read More
Parlay Travy Rap Maven Parlay Travy Announces Deluxe Album To Follow Music Video for “BRIXX” Meet Foreign Parlay Travy an upcoming rap artist, entrepreneur, and songwriter. The name Parlay Travy comes from his love of sports bidding. Parlay Travy started rapping around the early age of 14. Influenced by names like Master P, Eightball & MJG, and Jay Z his interests in rap spiked. Later on, he became a member of different local rap groups, before eventually going solo. From there he eventually founded his music company called Already Paid… Read More
Mike Sancho Emerging Lyricist Mike Sancho Takes Wordplay To New Heights “Art is a line around your thoughts,” as someone wisely put it. Art provides personal happiness and calm, and it can be therapeutic and encourage us to respond to new ideas. For example, Mike Sancho a multi-talented recording artist has perfected his trade since boyhood. He’s spent the last few years focusing on exhibiting and expanding his repertoire so that others might have a similar experience.Mike Sancho is a visionary artist who thrives on creating. His… Read More
Austin Z Singer Austin Z Has Always Been Passionate For Melody Since Youth From a career standpoint,  Austin Z has proven that he is in it for the long term. His outstanding ability to produce noise and exceptional art has brought him this far, thus it’s inevitable for his star power to remain the same. We anticipate increased personal engagement, extensive digital promotion, and more appearances in the public space this year. Austin’s obsessive passion for music began at a young age. Nobody thought he’d be able to… Read More