Budding Rapper Troy Ericson Is Ready For The New Year

Troy Ericson

Music world is a huge ocean where massive great personalities have set their bench mark with their music talent. It’s an industry where cut-throat competition is simply visible and to survive for new upcoming talent is challenging. But few individuals have made it possible with their unique skills who have left no stone unturned in pursuing their dreams and passion and deliver desired results on a consistent basis. With great demand for music coming from all nook and corners of the world, it has become far more important for next gen singers and music artists to showcase their mettle and entertain one and all. We came across one such rising singer and music artist making his way directly into the hearts of audiences, Troy Ericson.

Troy Ericson was naturally drawn towards the art and craft of singing and music making since childhood. He slowly tried to hone his musical skills and singing and developed his own style and panache. His rhythm sense and pro-found music knowledge has made him today a successful singer and music professional. He also loves to use different domains to explore widely like social media, where he uploads his creative tracks on different platforms which in turn helps him to promote his music craft and connect to millions of people in India and around the world. In no time, troy has been able to garner a loyal fan base of followers whose numbers are increasing in ten folds day by day. 

Though his success journey was not a walk in the park, Troy worked for long hours with dedication, passion and love which has propelled him in many ways to established himself as a singer and familiar name within the music industry. He has gained tons and tons of popularity with a huge fan base who are always eager to watch his shows and make it a blockbuster hit. All of his tracks have topped the chart for weeks which includes songs like-
Midnight, Sick, Holding Up, Rumors, and Pushing Myself.

We hope Troy continues his magical run going forward as well. You too can listen to his songs on Spotify:

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