Musician Avihay Dei And The Power of Introspective Songwriting

Avihay Dei

There are many artists in the industry who have been successful in giving their listeners a number of songs that we are hooked on. But in today’s generation, it’s very rare to find an artist who is unique in their work, it seems that there is repetition going on as the artist has begun to follow the same trend.

 On the other hand, there are a handful of artists who amaze us with their Craft and such an Artists is “Avihay Dei”

Avihay Dei was always into Pop and R&B while growing up listening to the songs of The Band “Take that” like “Shine and Pray”. Discovering a keen Interest in musicality, Avihay performed in “The Sound of Music” tour for six months at the very young age of nine. At Eleven, he received a Scholarship for Tel Aviv Theatre school which made him believe that he was born for this.

The stage was his dream and to make it a reality he collaborated with vetted producers on recent singles like  “Soulburn” and “I’m Sorry.” Projects where he wanted to write about the life problems in the past that he wanted to tell the world but never got the chance. The songs are meant to evoke the feeling of the listeners. People can see the insights into his life which was made possible by Avihay Dei, writing the different events onto a sheet of paper.

His recent projects like “ILU” has received a positive response from the audience. And Why not! these songs are full of absolutely relatable lyricism with soothing vocals and musicality making it a perfect mixture of elements that are gaining traction everywhere.

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