What else can you do in Niagara apart from Falls

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The Niagara Falls is known for what else, the falls. But, is there anything else that you can enjoy in Niagara apart from the waterfalls? Well, we aren’t denigrating the magnificent falls, but is there anything that we can think of adding up to our itinerary and enjoy? Let us try finding a few attractions in Niagara apart from the waterfalls.

Get an exclusive zipline view

Want to explore the waterfalls from a zipline from above the falls? This is definitely a great option for the adrenaline seekers out there. Located at the height of 67 meters, it can be your best bet for getting the vies of the Horseshoe falls from both US and Canadian sides. The views are quite thrilling and make sure that you aren’t closing your eyes.

Enjoy a hike

The Niagara Gorge can be one of the unique attractions for enjoying that wonderful hiking experience in the vicinity of the falls. The 2.5-meter hiking trail can be what would bring forth one of the unique experiences that you can think of. The geological formations that the hikers can enjoy here make it a still more favorable and exciting trails ever. The wild flora and fauna around should further make it a very pleasurable activity that you would keep cherishing forever.

Enjoy the best of the shows

If you are a theatre lover, you would find it a very pleasurable experience to enjoy a few shows near the falls. Never miss out on the Shaw Festival that takes place every year in August in the Niagara on the lake. The festival began in 1962 and has grown to be a great event par excellence in the North American region.

Sample a little ice wine

The Niagara region is known well enough for the wineries and the wine tours can be what would provide you with one of the most unique experiences in enjoying a great itinerary ever. You would find it offering you the most luxurious and celebrated wines in the world. The Pellitory Estate Winery can double up as one of the prime destinations in the world.

Catch a concert

Niagara Falls have been known for the unique venues that are known for the concerts. The Ontario Live Concert series can be one of the unique experiences that you would find quite unique in its own right. Niagara Falls Illumination Stage can be yet another excellent options that you would find much unique in every respect. Enjoy your favorite musical concerts to your heart’s content.

Well, it may be a great option to enjoy Niagara Falls and the surrounding regions and hiring the right transportation can prove to be an excellent option ever. The Niagara Falls Party Bus should be one of the unique options that you would find quite enjoyable at its best. The comfortable travelling and the amenities offered by the transportation service should definitely make it a formidable choice ever. Enjoy your stay at the Niagara Falls and share your thoughts with us!

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