How to spend one day in Toronto in style

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Toronto is considered the dream city for the travellers around the globe. One of the most unique and most sought-after travelling destinations, it does receive a host of visitors from around the world. However, what if you are planning to stay in Toronto just for one day? Want to know how to enjoy the surroundings and the Toronto attractions? The best thing would be hiring a reliable and efficient Toronto Limo Bus and enjoy one of the excellent experiences ever. Follow the path that we suggest here.

Go to the observatory deck at the CN Tower

The CN Tower should be the first thing that should be a part of everyone’s itinerary who wants to stay in Toronto for one day. The most famous landmark in the city, it stands 553 metres high. The venue provides you access to a great panoramic view of the entire Toronto city. It should be the first thing that you need to visit first thing in the morning or else it begins getting crowded as the day progresses.

Stroll through the Toronto Waterfront

The next thing that you need to focus on when spending one day in Toronto would be to visit the Toronto waterfront. You would find the region providing you access to a wide range of attractions that would include seafood restaurants, parks, shops, and public venues. As of now, it is the best place too take a stroll.

Enjoy the best fruit and other produce in St. Lawrence Market

After visiting the waterfront at Toronto, the next best destination that you would find quite rewarding would be to move on to the St Lawrence Market. Located inside the large hall, it can be what would provide you access to a huge degree of experience. You would find that the destination has over 120 vendors selling a wide range of fresh produce and other food items. It is home to a wide range of pleasant options that would include artisan cheeses, baked goods, meat, and various prepared foods

Shop underground at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Move southwards from the St Lawrence Market, you would find the Toronto Eaton Centre. You will find it offering you access to the PATH Network of walkways and underground tunnels. You will find it offering you a huge underground shopping mall. It would provide you access to shops, restaurants and several other attractions. It can be a great option to provide you access to several best things to do in Toronto.

Look at yourself at the Nathan Phillips Square

Connected from the Eaton Centre through PATH network, the Nathan Philips Square is what would provide you access to a great deal of experience in terms of the perfect meeting spot for the locals. The Nathan Phillips Square offers you several attractions the prime among them would be Toronto sign and the large reflecting pool in the centre.

Well, having understood the best attractions that you can move on in dealing with the best options around, it is utterly important to give a serious thought to find how to spend one day itinerary in Toronto in style.

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