Help Ukraine buy medicine before Christmas – Get a real trophy from the Ukraine War 2022

Ukraine - History Metal


Ukrainian volunteers from Charity Foundation in Ukraine are helping people get free medicine packs. Now, they’ve started a project called “HistoryMetal”. They sell exclusive trophy items crafted from real destroyed Russian military vehicles. Money that is received from it goes to manufacturing and for new medicine packs for the citizens of Ukraine from cities like Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Kherson and others.

Each piece is a unique historical token, with its own serial number and an engraving of the Russian military machines, and a way for you to support the efforts in Ukraine.

Just look at some of the pieces:

Ukraine - History Metal
Ukraine - History Metal
Ukraine - History Metal

For example, here is a token made from burned armor of KA52 Russian combat helicopter: 

This token is made from downed Russian Tank T90: 

That’s crazy but they have a real relic, made of downed combat airplane of Russian SU35:

They said about it: Talisman of freedom, victory and the real Ukrainian cossack spirit, feel all the strength and energy of Ukraine, how we are fighting for our freedom and independence. A piece of Ukrainian history. Part of the war. A piece of victory.

It is hard for Ukrainians now, fighting is going on in their cities, many people are dying, many houses have been destroyed, at the moment, as we know, almost the entire country of Ukraine is experiencing problems with electricity, often they have no electricity in their homes for 10-15 hours a day. 

What could be better than before Christmas, to help people who are so desperately fighting for their land and for their freedom, to help people who need medicines and in return for a donation, get a wonderful trophy and the realization that you still did a good deed. Just check it out at:

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