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A civil contractor service provider offers you many services. Of all the services they offer, demolition and land clearing are some of the most important. Demolishing is usually done to bring down the existing structure, so that a new and improved structure can be constructed in its place. After demolishing the existing structure, a new one cannot be built immediately in that spot. Clearing the site and leveling the gravel here to make it suitable for the next construction is part of the land clearing services that a civil engineering company offers.  Let us learn more about demolition and land clearing in the following paragraphs.

Demolition Services

A demolition services provider’s job is to bring down the existing structure to give way for a new one. It also takes care of the post-demolition clean up work, so that all hazardous materials are disposed of safely, without causing any damage to the people or environment nearby. Choose a company specializing in all types and sizes of demolition – be it a small residential property or a huge industrial property.

Usually, expert demolition companies, such as demolition contractors Vancouver, conduct a thorough survey of the site that needs to be demolished, and plan the project well, so that natural vegetation and people living nearby are not impacted. They used advanced tools to get the job done professionally, and they complete the demolition on time, to prepare the site for the new construction. Some of the common demolition services that civil engineering companies offer are:

  • Complete Demolition
  • Selective Demolition
  • Clearing the site thoroughly
  • Categorizing the waste materials properly, and using the recyclable ones for new constructions to save time and cost
  • Disposing of waste and hazardous materials safely in an eco-friendly way
  • Complete cleanup of the site post demolition

Is land clearing essential?

When a particular site is demolished to make way for another new building, roadways, construction, or other projects, it must be cleared before the construction or development can occur. A professional and experienced civil engineering company will ensure that land clearing occurs without creating damage to the existing man-made structures and other natural vegetation in the vicinity. Demolition and land clearing Vancouver services are vital.

Yes, land clearing is absolutely important, because this is the process that prepares the site for construction. What would happen if you don’t use a primer before painting your walls? The paint would peel off in a few days, wouldn’t it? A primer helps to hold the painting in place for a long time. Similarly, when a site is cleared and leveled, it makes for the right foundation for the next building to be constructed on it.

Land Clearing Services

Some of the services that are offered as part of land clearing services are:

  • Removal of rocks and boulders on the site, as these may hinder the construction of a new building or project there
  • Removal of vegetation that may hinder the construction of a structure
  • Getting rid of trash and litter that has been dumped on the site, after segregating the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable categories
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