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Demolition is one of the key services offered by civil construction companies. As you might already know, demolition is the process of pulling down an entire structure to build something new on its site. However, did you know that some companies also focus on providing selective demolition services?  What are these services all about and when do you need them? Keep reading to learn more about the same.

Selective Demolition Services – Meaning

More often than not, you may want to bring down only a part of the building for reconstruction or renovation purposes. You don’t want to disrupt the existing structure of the building in other places. You have to choose a company that specializes in selective demolition services, in this case.

As the name suggests, selective demolition is a process that involves demolishing only a selected region or part of the property. In some countries, this process is also known as interior demolition, as it mostly involves remodeling the interiors of a building. Renovations and expansions are some of the common reasons why you might want selective demolition services.

When choosing a company providing such services, you need to be extremely careful. It would help if you had a professional team that is well-versed in demolishing and remodeling/expansions without impacting the quality of the structure’s remaining parts. We request you to choose only an experienced and expert company, as they are equipped with the advanced tools and techniques to carry out selective demolition services.

Some cases where you would need selective demolition

Here are some cases where you will require selective demolition services:

  • Modification of entryways
  • Expand a home by adding another floor or room
  • Modifying existing structures in the house
  • Removing components or materials from existing site
  • Modification of a structure to prepare for seismic upgrades, to make it less prone to earthquakes
  • Conducting interior and exterior strip-ups
  • Removing roofs, cleaning up building sites of hazardous materials
  • Alterations to buildings and more

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What are the processes involved in selective demolition

In the process of selective demolition, a civil construction company usually follows these processes:

  • Thorough investigation of the property to gather information about the site that needs demolition
  • Planning the project well and classifying the materials into different heads such as recyclable, hazardous and more
  • Understanding the local rules in that particular municipality to know the maximum limits of building heights, comfort for occupants, noise levels and other parameters
  • Preparing the building for selective demolition
  • Stripping of sites in line with the clients’ requirements
  • Using special tools and techniques to carry out selective demolition services; using concrete crushers, using shears on the extractors, using heavy-duty magnets to scrap metal, etc. are examples of such tools

Choosing selective demolition services

Please take considerable care and effort in choosing a selective demolition services provider. You need to choose an experienced and professional company that is known for its safe and high-quality services. Choosing a reputed company will assure you that selective demolition will be carried out without causing any damage to your existing property and belongings. Use experienced demolition contractors Vancouver for this important work. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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