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Do you need to buy likes on Facebook? It can be alluring to buy likes, whether you’re a social media manager for a well-known company or just starting your own company. After all, growing a following organically can take a while. There is constant posting, reacting, and maintenance, and there is a lot to manage.

However, purchasing Facebook likes may have a negative impact. The adage “you get what you paid for” applies to this situation. You’ll get an unqualified, uninterested audience—or even phony likes from fake accounts—if you pay $10 for 1,000 likes.

It’s just a waste of money in the end, and what’s worse is that. In the long term, it can even harm your Facebook performance.

Here is all you need to know about purchasing Facebook likes, along with some reasons why you shouldn’t.

Buying Facebook Likes

How many Facebook likes purchased? Countless websites encourage buying likes, particularly cheap likes. You can find websites that claim to “increase your Facebook likes in seconds!” for costs that seem too good to be accurate by simply searching “buy Facebook likes.” (Since they already are.)

Sites like Ibuyfans or even Fiverr allow you to purchase likes. Your page will gain thousands of new followers in a short period.

What do phony Facebook likes mean?

According to Facebook, fake likes are “external services that, in exchange for a fixed price, provide packages of likes from false accounts or people without true intent.”

How much does it cost to purchase likes on Facebook?

The cost of purchasing likes might be as little as one cent per line or five dollars for 10,000 likes.

Is purchasing Facebook likes legal?

Although it is legal, buying Facebook likes is unethical.

Can purchasing likes result in a ban?

If you buy Facebook likes, your page won’t be blocked. The terms of service for Facebook don’t strictly forbid purchasing likes. But they do make an effort to block phony accounts. If Facebook discovers that many of your likes are false and disables their accounts, you will lose those likes. According to Facebook’s page on fake likes, “We have a strong motivation to aggressively go after the bad actors behind fake likes because businesses and people who use our platform want real connections and results.”

Facebook also warns about the effects of false likes on businesses: “Businesses won’t get results and may wind up conducting less business on Facebook if the individuals they’re connected to aren’t authentic,” the company states. Since it’s in our best interests to ensure that interactions are genuine, we staff various teams to look for and stop fraudulent conduct.

Several reasons not to purchase Facebook likes

There are several reasons why purchasing Facebook likes is detrimental to your company, but they all boil down to the same thing: What are those new likes you’re buying? They are either fake individuals, inactive accounts, or users interested in something other than what you offer. Purchasing likes will not result in sales, and it may even make it more challenging to connect with your true fans.

Facebook measures your page’s engagement using the EdgeRank algorithm: How many users respond to your post? How many users share it with others, like it, and leave comments about it?

A high EdgeRank indicates that you provide quality material that your audience enjoys or finds valuable. A poor one? This means that only a tiny part of your followers on Facebook will see your material because it doesn’t generate engagement (if any).

Even on pages they “like,” unqualified, indifferent followers and fraudulent users infrequently interact with posts. Due to this, engagement is minimal.

Organic reach: Your page’s reach is inversely correlated with your EdgeRank, so if your EdgeRank declines, your page’s overall reach also drops. Because fewer of your followers’ NewsFeeds are showing your content, fewer of their social circles also see your page. The road to social oblivion is rocky.

Lead generation: You want your Facebook marketing to bring in more clients and sales. Nothing advances this more than buying Facebook likes. While it may increase the number of likes on your page, it harms its total reach and doesn’t necessarily indicate that there are more potential consumers for you to engage with.

Your efforts to generate leads will be counterproductive if you buy likes.

Credibility and authenticity: Modern consumers value truthfulness and openness, and they can recognize a phony a mile away. What do you think it says about your brand if they discover hundreds of inauthentic likes on your most recent post? Or did they observe a 2,000% increase in your followers over three days? Your reputation could suffer from it.

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