User’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Hot Tub Cover?

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It is no secret that the relaxation and tranquility your body feels in a hot tub can be addicting for many. However, this enjoyment would be short-lived if your hot tubs were not maintained properly. The only way to protect your hot tubs from a plethora of damages is to purchase a hot tub cover. When it comes to picking hot tub covers that stand out, Canada-made hot tub covers must be your first pick. When choosing the most suitable Canada-made hot tub cover, let’s look at the key points to remember.

Take Accurate Measurements 

The first and possibly the most crucial aspect of picking the right spa covers is to take accurate measurements of your hot tub. If your hot tub has specific add-on features attached to it, make sure that they are accounted for when taking the measurements. A hot tub cover that is the perfect fit for your hot tub will protect it against attacks from debris and other deteriorating factors.

Pick the Right Thickness

Depending on the atmospheric conditions in your surroundings, choosing the thickness of your hot tub covers is essential. So, if the weather around you is mostly sunny with light gusts of wind, then a thin hot tub cover would suffice. However, the hot tub cover thickness must be chosen correspondingly if your area experiences heavy rain showers or snow.

Vinyl Type

The vinyl exterior of your Canada-made hot tub covers is an added protection for the hot tub. The best quality hot tub covers would have a durable vinyl surface to protect the hot tub from unwanted water sources, humidity, UV rays, and more. While marine-grade vinyl is the best fit in most cases, there is still a lot of room for exploration. To maintain the aesthetics of your spa covers, you can also choose different colors of vinyl for your hot tub.

Security Needs

Having a family around your hot tub calls for immediate security needs. For instance, if you own pets, there is a high chance that they will decide to spend their day relaxing on your hot tub cover. Therefore, to keep it protected from their claws or to save them from sinking in, it is essential to choose a firm, hot tub cover. Aluminum spa covers are great options in this case. They are damage resistant and can endure considerable weight as well.

Similarly, you can opt for a child-friendly design to keep toddlers from slipping into the hot tub. This includes a hot tub cover that comes with lock straps to make it impossible for them to climb in.


With the key points covered in the article above, you are ready to get your hands on the best quality hot tub covers out there. If the question of where is floating in your mind, we have a solution for that too. Northern hot tub covers are your friendly Canadian hot spot to get the most supreme quality of Canada-made hot tub covers.

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