Is writing difficult for international students?


Is writing difficult for international students? The answer is yes: it’s more difficult and more difficult. Due to the differences in education between the East and the West, it is difficult for international students to adapt when they just go abroad, and even many forms of homework have not been touched before. Therefore, how to do assignment is a headache for most international students. The following editor explains how to write an excellent assignment, introduces the most common difficulties in writing and some effective ways to improve writing ability.

Difficulty 1: Low level of English

Today, the popularity of English is still second to none in the world, but for the vast majority of Chinese people, how to learn English well is a very troublesome thing for them. English level largely affects academic level. Generally speaking, reading, writing, listening and speaking are the shortcomings of Chinese students. If you don’t even understand what the teacher says, how can you write a variety of assignments? In addition, academic writing is very difficult and requires the use of specific vocabulary, sentence patterns, styles, etc. This makes many students with good English proficiency take a lot of time to complete the assignment. What should students with weak foundations do? Below we will point out some of the most common language problems:

01. Language structure

The first is the difference in language structure between Chinese and English. The biggest difference is that there are many English grammatical units. When reading articles, we often encounter long and difficult sentences, and sometimes even one sentence occupies the entire paragraph. At this time, many international students cannot find out the subject and predicate of the sentence, which makes it difficult to understand the meaning of the sentence, which in turn affects their own judgment.

02. Speed ​​and accent

The two biggest factors affecting listening are speaking speed and accent. Because English is not the native language of Chinese students, but the second language, it usually takes more time and energy to listen to corpus to understand sentence meaning. Students have to listen to the entire sentence before they can understand the meaning of the sentence. And students whose mother tongue is English understand the meaning of the sentence while listening. So once the teacher’s speaking speed has increased, many Chinese students will be at a loss.

03. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is also recognized as an influencing factor. In class, local students and teachers will use a lot of new words, terminology, slang, etc. But these vocabulary are very unfamiliar to Chinese people, so how to understand and use these new words is also a big difficulty. In order to facilitate the understanding of the meaning of new words, many students will use dictionaries, but the query will also take a lot of time and will miss the important content that the teacher is talking about.

Difficulty 2: Academic paper writing

In addition to improving English skills and abilities before starting academic research, many skills and precautions in academic writing are also difficult for Chinese students to master, including critical and logical thinking skills. , Academic vocabulary, understanding of academic culture, paper structure, etc. In fact, it is largely because most Chinese students do not understand academic rules, which leads to a lack of understanding of academic writing strategies.

Multi-part assignments are academic papers, so the format requirements must be followed. In addition, the coherence, logic and accuracy between words and the correct use of academic vocabulary are also very important. For example, we have spoken Chinese for so many years, can we easily write academic papers? Therefore, for international students, an assignment 代写 is a challenge.

Difficulty 3: Different ways of thinking

The mother tongue of many countries in the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, is English. However, since the culture of each country is very unique, the English of each country is very different, let alone the difference in education methods.

While the education methods of China and the West are different, there is also a big gap in the way of thinking. When it comes to the learning process, Chinese students have a strong executive ability. Compared with European and American students, they have an advantage in studying fixed topics. But in the aspect of studying abroad, the more important thing is the students’ academic ability, research ability and cooperation ability. In the research process, students should be good at discovering problems, presenting arguments, reasoning, and proving… Whether the argument is sufficient, whether the writing is logical or not, whether critical thinking reflects or not, etc. This all affects the quality of the article to a large extent.

The most typical example is that the professor assigns homework without specific problems. 代写 The professor told me, “Write whatever you want in this homework.” Local students will not find it difficult, but international students do not know where to start. The differences in thinking patterns can also be reflected in the collision of ideas between professors and students. For example, you personally think that there is no problem with an essay on an undecided topic, but the professor feels a strong oriental atmosphere from his professional point of view, and his evaluation is not good. The development of the thinking model is after long-term study, exercise, and the influence of a great cultural background. These are stumbling blocks when international students write.

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