Quebecoise traveller Benjamin Gunst Launches short stories website

The Quebec-born traveller Benjamin Gunst officially launched his travel blog, including short stories of his more recent trips to the North Pole and Europe.

The Canadian traveller named his blog Travel with Gunst to put his last name. What is different from Benjamin Gunst’s travel blog is that he is not focused on giving tips or adding photos that are easy to find on any other traveller website. Instead, Gunst give us a profound emotional analysis of how it feels to be away from home.

The stories of Benjamin Gunst also mention his love interests. Following the content closely, you might fall in love with Jessica, a Bahamian woman travelling on a bike to heal her broken heart. You will also be marvellous with Ida, a Danish girl of some Latin American descent that would make him challenge himself about continuing travelling or settling down.

Ida is also a fan of art, good wine and literature. These topics are constantly mentioned in the blog.

Benjamin Gunst is a digital nomad and has been travelling for the last five years. His stories started when he came back home to Canada eager to discover the beauty of Nunavut. After that, he met some other adventurers that invited him to go to Greenland by boat. He continued his path to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

So far, Benjamin’s stories include travelling around Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, The Holy See, San Marino, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and France. He doesn’t like to plan his following country as he prefers being spontaneous.

When asked why he didn’t include more videos and photos in his blog, he mentioned that the “Internet is right now moving to a fast-paced environment where you don’t have to make an effort to complete the gaps with your own references or imagination. That’s why platforms such as Instagram Reels or Tik Tok are super popular.”

Instead, Benjamin Gunst uses Twitter and a 100% text blog, so “people can imagine and complete the stories with their own fantasies if a way of what could have happened to me in certain parts of the world.”

“Imagination is something that the Internet is taking from us,” said the Canadian adventurer.

Ironically, his concept of “home” is a place where he can find a decent Wi-Fi connection, in addition to a nice meal and friendly people to have a chat with.

Since the COVID pandemic started, the lifestyle of many people changed, choosing formats such as Digital Nomad Living to explore the world. The concept of Digital Nomad comes to identify people who don’t have to commute daily to an office and therefore decide to travel while living their everyday life. Digital nomads are not wealthy but also not hippies, and they often have many responsibilities at work and often have mid-management positions with five to six figures salaries.

Some digital nomads have to adapt their working hours to where their head office is based, but others, including Benjamin, can adjust their working schedule to the place they are staying.

Visit his blog here:

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