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A mini tummy tuck is a surgical procedure intended to tighten loose skin on the lower part of the abdomen, often called scarless tummy surgery or “mini tuck” or mini-abdominoplasty or partial abdominoplasty. Mini-tummy tuck is one type of abdominoplasty. The distinction between the two is that the mini tuck incision is smaller and less visible than the incisions used for abdominoplasty or complete tummy tuck, the bikini line has only one cut. A smaller horizontal cut just at or just above the pubic region that spreads a few inches around the lower abdomen uses a mini tummy tuck.

In a mini tummy tuck, the incision made is close to the incision made for a cesarean section. A modified tummy tuck, which uses a C-section-like cut to tighten the muscle and remove excess lower abdominal tissue, is essentially a mini tummy tuck. In a mini tummy tuck, the length of the cut will often depend on the amount of skin to be removed. The goal of both operations is the same, producing a tighter and flatter stomach. You may also be able to use fat-removal techniques such as liposuction to further outline the region.

While a scar will be left behind, it will scarcely be seen. You can still cover it up with clothing, and in a bathing suit, it’s barely visible, so it won’t crease. For patients who have a small amount of abdominal skin to be removed and do not have a prominent bulging abdominal muscle wall, the mini tummy tuck is still a great choice.

Your suitability for the surgery will finally be decided only by the surgeon because there might be some risks and complications are involved. Although mini tummy tuck-specific complications are rare, infections, thrombosis, postoperative bleeding, sensory disruption, an allergic reaction, or a wound that does not heal properly are general surgical situations that can occur after any procedure. Hypertrophic scar formation, an irregular skin surface, water retention, and discoloration of the skin after bruising are several problems associated with stomach surgery. You can also avoid smoking because if you do, tissue necrosis can be stopped before the procedure.

For mini abdominoplasty surgery, general anesthesia is not mandatory and can be done under intravenous sedation, which is a much safer technique than general anesthesia. You don’t feel any pain at all. In this procedure, before the surgery, the doctor marks the area to be treated and where the incision should be made in the stomach. The operation takes a time about 1.5 to 2 hours. The cuts are bandaged after the operation and some thin tubes may be attached which lead from the bandages to drain any fluid from the wound. You are taken to the recovery room with heart monitor monitoring after you are dressed in the special elastic or compression bandage that you will be recommended to wear for the next 2-4 weeks and they offer protection that will keep you comfortable.  You can generally go back to your room after an hour. You will return home the day after surgery, you must have someone to take you home and take care of you.

It is shorter than the complete tummy tuck to heal from the mini tummy tuck surgery, but you should obey the instructed aftercare with great care. You should keep the scars until the stitches are removed. A shower with lukewarm water, but not a bath, should be taken. You mustn’t put any pressure on the incision scar for a few weeks after the surgery. After 6 weeks you can restart your sporting activities and lift. For the first 3 months, the scar will be red and lumpy, and shortly after this, the redness will begin to disappear. Then the wounds are completely healed after 12 to 18 months, so it is very important to shield the scar from the sun before this time.

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