Larry Clay Releases “Behind the Orange Curtain,” Exposing Hidden Secrets on Philadelphia Flyers and the National Hockey League

Writing in a blunt and direct style, Larry Clay takes readers ‘Behind the Orange Curtain’ where each chapter tells a different story, presenting a deep introspective look into the National Hockey League and the struggles of the Philadelphia Flyers

Hockey behind the orange curtain by larry clay

The author is thrilled to announce the release of his memoir titled ‘Behind the Orange Curtain,’ which describes his experiences with the players, ownership, and management of the Philadelphia Flyers, one of the National Hockey League’s (NHL’s) premier teams. Having been a fan and keen observer of ice hockey, both in the USA and internationally, for over six decades, Larry Clay’s book presents a unique, insider perspective to the sport, making each page of ‘Behind the Orange Curtain’ an exciting experience.

In essence, ‘Behind the Orange Curtain’ is an autobiography by Larry Clay, a former coach, administrator, and hockey equipment retailer. His experience and involvement in the game form the motivation behind this book, revealing past and present misinformation on the actual state of ice hockey in the United States.

As they flip each page of the 11 chapters of ‘Behind the Orange Curtain,’ readers will discover:

  1. Why the author (and others) faced a shocking battle with Flyers former management.
  2. How the Flyer’s ownership cost the franchise and their fans a dynasty.
  3. How the Broad Street Bullies Alumni were once nearly defeated by an amateur men’s hockey team.
  4. Why the author’s association with a former Flyer’s Superstar went bad.
  5. The horrifying truth about the NHL and the NHLPA (the Players Union) and how much they really care about player safety.
  6. How the NHL (and government agencies) pushed the worst scandal in hockey history ‘under the ice.’
  7. When Canada lost ownership of “their game.”

According to Larry Clay, the memoir tells stories the Philadelphia Flyers and National Hockey League wouldn’t want people to read. In addition, the book contains details on the Flyers trainer who owned his concession stand, how the Flyers ownership cost their fans a dynasty, why the National Hockey League covered up the worst scandal in hockey history, and much more.

Larry Clay tells these stories as they have never been heard before. The book is sensory overload, and whether one is a serious or casual fan of the sport, they will never look at professional ice hockey the same way again.

The book is available for download on and Amazon. For more information, please visit or send an email to

About Larry Clay

Larry Clay is a former coach, administrator, and hockey equipment retailer. The author started a book almost thirty years ago as an individual writer and finally decided that certain stories and information needed to be released. Larry was involved in many aspects of the sports/ice hockey world and has done so for more than six decades. ‘Behind the Orange Curtain’ includes a breakdown of all the happenings in the ice hockey world during his time.


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