How much does a marble water fountain cost?

Marble water fountains have an enigmatic and enchanting impact on everyone at a single glance. After all, it’s hard to resist their intricacy and sheer beauty. A spectacular-looking marble fountain can add a regal appearance to your property.

Since marble is available in various colors and easy to sculpt, it is easy to craft and match to any possible surroundings.

What is the history of marble fountains?

Marble water fountains are easily seen in various historical places across the globe. The typical historical places to witness marble fountains are forts, palaces, museums, and other age-old properties. Marble or stone fountains were always part of home decor in extravagant and royal families. They were not used just because of their aesthetic appearance, but also known to provide positive energy flow to the atmosphere.

Can we install Marble water fountains in modern homes?

Marble fountains are a great addition to traditional, as well as modern homes. The best thing about them that they will never go out of fashion. You can install them in your garden area, driveway, patio, or any other outside location to give them a majestic royal touch. They can instantly accentuate the atmosphere by adding tranquility and elegance to the given space. Their unique designs and appearance make it a sophisticated piece of decor that adds value to the property.

That’s why many homeowners prefer to install marble or stone fountains outside their homes even today. Besides the aesthetics, the constant water movement from marble fountains provides a relaxing and calming sound. 

How much does it cost to install a marble fountain?

We know that marble and stone fountains have a unique significance to amp up a landscape. However, many users still care about the cost of marble and the cost of its installation.

Well, marble is an expensive stone because of the rarity and uniqueness of its design and pattern. Since extracting marble from the earth’s crust is labor-intensive, it is quite a pricey and royal material. However, the cost of installation won’t cost hurt your pockets. However, these factors often vary as per manufacturers, suppliers, labor cost in different areas, and so on.

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What factors determine the cost of a stone water fountain?

Here are the three main factors that determine the cost of installing a marble fountain:

  • Rarity: Generally, marble garden fountains are very popular. But this stone is exclusive and unique in the market. When it comes to installing marble, the rarest marble materials are expensive than the commonly available marble pieces. 
  • Shape & Size: The cost also varies as per the desired shape and size of a fountain. It is because a certain amount of effort goes into sculpting the desired shape and size.
  • Style: Another factor that determines the cost of a marble fountain is its style. Whether you choose a tiered fountain, wall waterfall fountain, or circular fountain, each style comes with a specific cost. The simpler the design, the cheaper is the price. And, the price goes up with the complexity in the design.

Besides these factors, there are some fountain surface techniques, pump types, quantity, etc. That also impacts the cost of the marble water fountain. For more specific information and details about the marble fountains and their installation cost, it’s best to consult the experts who deal in the market. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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