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Today’s digital transformation has paved way to many mobile applications for various purposes. This blog is a prelude to why mobile app development has played a huge role in a digital transformation strategy.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation does not have an authoritative meaning. It is the deep collection of technologies that migrate analogue processes to the digital medium & ways it can best be represented. Now, not only does digital transformation help transform the organisation, but it also provides other business benefits. It helps to maintain current customers by promoting quality offerings as well as developing new monetization avenues. The importance of digital transformation is boosted by the fact that all these advantages can be accomplished at cost-effective rates.

The goal of digital transformation is to move analogue business processes to digital media. It affects many roles, such as company processes, energy services, connectivity, and even the latest customer experience of all firms.

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Netflix, Uber, Amazon, Facebook are firms that, a decade ago, were not the kingpins they are today. Today, they are the main services that make life possible every day. These companies have become so successful that they have created business models of their own that are being replicated around the world. Do you know the superpower that powers all these new-age corporations to popularity?

Be advised that it is not digital transformation to launch a mobile application for one particular business purpose. A full redesign of digital technologies-powered business processes. One of them happens to be smartphone applications. They are, in a way, the foundations of digital transformation.

Mobile applications increase customer experiences!

  • Facilitates interaction
  • Improves loyalty to customers
  • Promotes the firm’s revenues
  • Improves interaction with customers
  • Offers competitive advantages
  • Elevates branding
  • Visibility rises

The Application Development motto

Mobile apps, that’s it. The consumers of today have the superpower to invite any service to their doorsteps, thanks to mobile apps. It’s not just a convenience that is brought to our planet by mobile apps. They are also catalysts for what tech enthusiasts call digital transformation to a larger picture.

A growing number of businesses today are busy formulating their plans for digital transformation. One survey showed that 70% of companies either have a plan for digital transformation in place or are actively working on one.

Mobile has now replaced the laptop as the main means of accessing the Internet for a long time. Mobile users use more than 2x minutes relative to desktop users, whether it is in the US or emerging economies like Argentina.

Digital transformation requires application managers to support new business models and exploit new technology. Meanwhile, the existing portfolio remains an important foundation for application integration. It must be transformed into platforms that fit into the digital business technology platform architecture.

As product centricity moves deeper into organisations, an evolution to meet the current delivery style is needed for the position of the application manager. It is important to redefine the position of the current application leader, where they will function and how they will lead in the digital transformation period.

Do more with less

Digital business requires agility that enables new services and business results to be delivered quickly, all given in a continuous and iterative fashion. To resolve these obstacles, Gartner will help recognise particular challenges and provide tailored feedback and best practises.

Compete with superior performers

By expanding to power systems of differentiation and creativity, application leaders must transform their creation and platform strategies. In order to develop mobile application and scale differentiated and creative digital products that support digital business demand, they will use these techniques to construct and strengthen internal competencies.

Keep yourself ahead of the curve

A fundamental overhaul of the function of the business application team is underway. All is evolving around the team and its portfolio: technology, ambitions, expertise, ownership, models of funding and governance. Let Gartner help you plan for the upcoming changes.


With almost every industry in existence today, digital transformation has reached its foundation. The way day-to-day activities are carried out is shifting from fragile healthcare to heavy-duty manufacturing.

In digital transformation, mobile applications have a crucial role to play. They serve as the centrepieces that tie together users and companies. They are unavoidable for digital transformation because of their ability to allow a mobile workforce, real-time communication and digital customer experiences. Customers now expect brands to offer mobile experiences, and workers are eager to adopt mobile solutions because they also make their lives simpler.

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