Covolcano – my best experience with a leads finder was not involved in the creation of this content.

I know a professional automatic tool for the extraction of companies’ data and an experienced leads finder that I haven’t seen before.

The name of this astonishing and comprehensive gadget is Covolcano! They call it the volcano of verified companies’ data!

It has been a long time I am using this leadfinder and 4 important factors have assured me that Covolcano is the one I can trust. These are:

  1. A comprehensive source of companies’ data
  2. Checked & verified companies’ information
  3. Competitive prices
  4. High speed in providing companies’ data

What Covolcano provides!?

Covolcano’s leadsfinder provides various kinds of companies’ data that are mentioned in this part. Whatever you may need to know about clients and businesses are gathered in one complete database including:

  • Emails (B2B email finder): I think one of the most important companies’ data every marketer is looking for is email!

Still many companies across the globe persist on email communication and prefer to send and receive business messages through official emails rather than connection through social networks and messengers.

Covolcano benefits from a powerful email finder detecting individual and companies emails, verifying them and finally showing them within a second.

As many email addresses as a company owns are found by Covolcano through web and its database search in real time, checked and verified!

To my view it is a qualified B2B email finder that can have a great influence in the process of leadsfinder and marketing.

  • Companies address and location on Google map: the address of each company is shown to you and also its location is available on Google map if you want to check the company physically.

I recommend you to visit the company with which you are going to sign a contract before the start of any deal. Of course if you can!

International deals are mostly done without any face to face meetings as the two sides of the deal are in different countries.

In that situation company verification can help you for company check which is also possible through Covolcano. Read about it in next parts of this article.

  • Phone numbers (B2B phone number finder):  as many landline phone numbers as the searched company has, are shown in this section!

Phone numbers are a great part of Covolcano companies’ data as they let users to talk directly with clients on phone and use the power of voice, intonation and words to attract them.

Moreover the WhatsApp numbers of companies’ members are found too. This leads finder certifies to provide both companies’ landline numbers and WhatsApp numbers of business people.

  • Website URLs (company URL finder):  below the logo of each company, its URL is written. Simply by a click on its website link, you can be connected to its website within a second.

As you know many companies’ information are available in the websites to see how big a business is, details about their products and services, achievements, what their missions and visions are and many other useful details.

  • Logo: Covolcano shows the logo of each company you search on the top of the search results panel.
  • Registration companies’ data: this part allows you to verify businesses and see whether an entity is real or fake! Covolcano is not only a leadsfinder, it is also a company verification tool through which registration data is given to the user.

Frankly companies data and contacts are not enough. You need to check the veracity of businesses before any deal. This is doable through Covolcano online company verification.

This service supports all countries and all types of companies!

  • Products or services list: Covolcano shows a list of companies data about the products and services that a business supplies.
    For instance a company is supplier of foodstuff, another one exports electronic devices and the other supports transportation services.

This part tells whether you are searching in the true path or not!

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