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Prepare yourself to dive into the world of science fiction, which has already become a reality by now. In this article, we are going to talk about how Virtual Tours for Real Estate can change this industry forever. We will look at the merits of this technology and how can it help you sell a house faster. We will be seeing and imagining the technologies that can benefit this industry in the long term on a considerable scale. So buckle up, let’s get started.

Conventional Real Estate scenario

              Buyers need to look up for properties online or in newspaper ads. Once they get the address, they need to go to the location in order to analyze the details they were willing to see. The seller needs to take some time off his schedule to handle the buyer and present a pleasing aroma while the buyers are there. All of this collectively consume a lot of time, energy and investment if you look at it in the long term. Capturing photos of a property and posting online has definitely shown a lot of potentials, but the buyer often ends up getting a totally different experience when they compare reality with the photos. All of this hassle and no gain results in a waste of time for both buyers and sellers. But virtual tours are here to change the game.

What is this virtual touring thing all about?

              Real Estate business consists of people who want to buy, sell or rent their properties. Now assuming you want to migrate to a new house, or simply looking for a property to invest nearby, won’t you be willing to look at it before buying? People used to travel across cities or even countries just to SEE the property with their own eyes before buying. When we have so much technology already available, e.g. holograms, virtual reality, 3d modelling, 8K cameras, why would you even need to move an inch to see the property? Well, this is the exact concept of Virtual Touring for Real Estate. Let us look at some tools that are already available for making this a reality.

What kind of advantages does virtual touring offer?

              Buyers are sometimes nasty. If you are getting visits from the buyer who does not altogether like the property, you may face some inconveniences. Virtual Touring fixes all these issues and keeps your uninterested buyers at bay. You can also get offers from out of the town buyers if your imaging or videography game is good enough. Buyers will also appreciate the advantage where they don’t need to visit the property in real to get an idea of how it will look like, and you will save your time and money from preparing for such visits. Sometimes buyers are looking for a particular thing in their head, and you can list out all those things in the virtual tour. It may be a highlight or a label but makes it easy to notice and leaves an everlasting impression on the potential buyer. Virtual touring is definitely going to impress the clients and build more trust amongst people about your brand as it reflects the transparency of the business in an efficient manner.

How can you get started for Virtual Touring?

              YouTube. It is the most used platform for video sharing community, and used by billions of people around the world. In our context, many business people have started posting 360Degree videos of their properties. With increasing resolutions in video recording devices and with hardware capable of playing them, virtual touring is made easy with platforms like this. However, video recording gear requires quite an investment, but it’s worth it. First choice for any world class property designer to show off their creativity.

              360 imaging. It is another tool that many rookies use in order to showcase their properties. Nowadays, an average smartphone can also capture a perfect 360 photo. You just need to capture a photo of a room and then post it on your website or interactive portfolio. 360 cameras are also an option for you if you are aiming at a better quality, but it will cost you a little more.

              3D models. If you believe your business is booming and you can invest in making 3d models which can be viewed in VR headset, this is the perfect choice for you. 3D tours are like games and truly interactive. By providing such a premium experience, you can definitely take in some privileged buyers around.

What do you need to consider while making virtual tours?

              Genuity. Make your images or videos appealing, but as real as possible. Do not modify or manipulate with the rendering unnecessarily. Take away the unnecessary things while making the video or 360 photos. Take as many shots as you can, the potential buyer must be able to freely move around in virtual tour as much as possible. If you are working on a website for a virtual tour, make sure the virtual tours are accessible to all kinds of devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers. That’s it! You provide a premium feel to your clients they deserve, and they pay you the amount you deserve.


              This world is now overwhelmed by technology, and Real Estate deserves its touch. Virtual touring may not act as teleportation, but it is definitely useful to lure in some smart and sophisticated buyers around. That’s what all businessmen want, don’t they? Hope you learnt the importance of virtual touring and some ways of utilizing the tool to scale up your business. See you around! was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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