Deck and patio designs – what are the differences?

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If you dream to create your house cozy and modern at the same time, you are free to distinguish such options as patios and decks. Both options are perfect for your backyard and function in a similar way. They give you a fascinating opportunity to chill out with your family and friends. So let’s consider the major difference and similarities between the patio and decks.


It doesn’t matter what option for patio you will choose – attached or detached version from the house – you will enjoy the precious time on the paved area, located on the ground. Concrete, stone, tile, or pavers with brick are the most common materials ideally suited to the backyard area.


Wood, vinyl, or composite material can be suitable for decks. Cedar, pine, or redwood is commonly used kinds of wood for decking in general. A deck is a structure capable of supporting any weight outdoor. Beams and posts are specially designed for proper support.

Below you will find out the list of benefits from a patio and a deck:

  • Patio and deck let you be hidden from the curious eyes of neighbors. A simple setup gives you a fast solution to enjoy your time. Anyhow the ground in your courtyard should be as flat as possible.

Two wings – structure and function – fly you to the right alternative – deck or patio. Value, design, and accomplishment push you to the final choice.

The high durability of materials for the patio can surprise you pleasantly – more than 25 years. However, even such enduring components as brick, concrete, and paver do not guarantee you freedom of cracking, staining, and mildew. In this case, a garden hose and a pressure washer are your best friends at the time of tidying up.

If talking about the lifespan of decks, you can count on 15 years, taking into account proper maintenance. Such a long period is possible despite the fact of vulnerability of lumber to humidity.

Costs for deck and patio construction are variable, depending on their type. Preliminary costs are higher for decks than for the patio. Traditionally, maintenance costs are insignificant compared to wood decks. The composite deck could be a reasonable solution.

Please pay attention to the artistic taste and atmosphere that the patio or deck shares with you. For instance, stones used for patios are commonly chilled, so you have to use all your imagination to make your backyard cozy. Lumber decks are able to cheer you up with the pure texture of natural wood.

Annual maintenance saves the wood deck from beforehand deterioration and enhances its natural attraction. Scrubbing along with sanding should aid in such a case. You are free to refresh the painting if is required.

Please check for both, patio and deck if nails, boards, or screws are properly attached. The absence of wood peeling pieces is an excellent option for your safety. Nowadays, a diverse range of wood products lets you make the right choice depending on the capacity of your restoration.

A patio requires a little bit less attention than a wood deck. It is better to provide an appropriate service: replacement of the bricks, extraction of pea gravel, and riddance of mildew and mold.

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