The History into programming early parts

The First Programming Language was invented way back in 1843 by a woman called Ada Lovelace which may surprise a lot of people since a lot of people may believe the first software was invented by men since most of the programming or coding jobs is done by men overall at the moment over it being job or career men normally prefer over ladies for many reasons such it being very stressful job normally and a lot of hard work to get even get paid okay from it is often the case such as working in the videogame area is full of staying up late to finish games on time before it’s sold or sent out to the customers in the a lot of the cases of the past or present a like and probably future as well.

When Ada created this no real computer sort of system existed so she had to write it all down on the paper to keep a record of it all.

The first computer codes were complex machine bases code where you inputted in the code to allow action to take place requires a lot of training before someone could work in this area in most cases.

1944-1945 Plankalkül creation date

Konrade Zuse decided to create a software in regards to how tough it was to get 2000 vacuums after world war 2 in regards to the problems the Germans faced after world war 2 over with .

 Zuse began his construction of the Z4 in the year of 1943 with the funding of the German Air Ministry like his Z3 and the Z4 used electrotechnical relays in part of the tough ways of it was to get them when 2000 tubes were needed in wartime Deutschland he managed to get evacuated from Berlin in early 1945 but ended up in Hinterstein from a tiny village in the Bavarian Alps where it remained until Konrade managed to bring up to the Federal Technical Institute in Zurich in Switz for refurbishing in 1950s even oo they were unable to keep doing the hardware development but Zuse still managed many technical things happen.

In the 1950’s done refurisment for hardware development forms.

The use of Floating point of represenation for numbers which became known as Mantissa were stored seperately from the point to the decimal point which became known as the Exponent which allowed a alrge amount of ranges of numbers to be handle which was way ahead of it’s time .

Z managed to develop a rich set of programming instructions which handled infinite values in correct style and included a no-op that is a instruction which did nothing with only a significant experience in programming would show the need for something to become in theory useless.

The Z4’s program was first punched on used movie film from a separate from the mechanical memory for the data so no stored directly program, for now, was kind of reliable and could run of all night without a staff member needing to watch it which was a great benefit at the time.

It had no way to make decision when it was made and it took between 0.5 to 1.25 to complete multiplications 3.5 and Zuse also made the first real computer programming language known as Plan Calculus which allowed for the creation of procedures that could be known as routines or subroutines stored in chunks of code than could be invoked repeatedly to perform on daily operations such as square root and structured data such as possible record to be put into a database with a mixture of Alphabetic or numeric data to be represented for insurance such as names, addresses and birth date

It could process condition statement that could change the way program execution stops place such as repeat or loop things as well which marked block of statements or subroutes when it was needed to the repeated exact number of times.

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