Arrested For Domestic Assault in Ontario? What You Need to Know.

By Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug

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Have you or a loved one been arrested for Domestic Assault in Ontario?  If so, you have already realized that these charges are very serious, and the Courts take these types of allegations very seriously.

Once Police arrive at a home and a complaint is made of violent behavior towards someone who is sharing the dwelling the charge is usually classified as Domestic Assault which is different than just assault or sexual assault. 

Bail is sometimes a condition for release for those who are arrested for domestic assault. One of the usual conditions for release is that the accused must not have any contact with the complainant, and they must arrange for belongings to be collected from the home.  The accused person must show the courts that they have another place to live and that they understand that under no circumstances can they return home without the permission of the courts.

There are many other possible restrictions placed on those arrested for domestic assault in Ontario.  It’s always a good idea to have a criminal lawyer involved in the bail process to ensure all restrictions are negotiated by both parties. 

The cost of hiring a good domestic assault lawyer can and will vary based on things like experience and availability of the Ontario area criminal lawyer.  Richmond Hill Affordable Lawyer Plug are committed to offering fair rates, payment plans and accepting Ontario Legal Aid Certificates. 

To find domestic assault lawyers most people turn to Google to find options.  Google is a great place to start to see exactly what your options are and do your research on said firms.  Make sure you can discuss your situation with the lawyer you hire in a comfortable matter.  For your lawyer to form the best defence you must answer all questions they ask in a candid manner.

Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug is located at 330 Highway 7 PH 5 in Richmond Hill, Ontario postal code is L4B 3P8. You can contact the office 24/7 for a private/discreet no cost consultation at phone number 647-490-7660.

Do not attempt to contact the victim under any circumstance without the permission of the Courts and Police and its always a good idea to have a criminal lawyer whom you are confident with to handle the process to ensure all requirements are met.  We understand that it is difficult to not to be able to be at home but if the Courts have prohibited you from being at your home address you must adhere to these, and any other rules imposed to avoid additional criminal charges and time in Police custody until another Bail Hearing can be arranged.

You are not alone and if you need some sound legal advice find a great lawyer firm like Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug and you will know exactly what your options are and how to proceed in the best fashion.

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