What Determines the Cost of Installing Vinyl Floors?

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Vinyl Floors

Cost is one of the important factors to take into consideration while installing vinyl floors. No matter you are installing vinyl flooring for the first time or replacing your old floor, it’s tough to get the best deals. While setting a budget, you need to consider the factor which is likely to affect the cost of installation like flooring type, room size, contractor, location, etc. This guide lists a few important factors which you must consider while assessing the cost of vinyl flooring installation.

Factors affecting the cost of installation 

As we already mentioned, innumerable factors come into play. For instance, sometimes the thickness of the wear layer of the plank influences the cost, while sometimes the type of vinyl flooring. We have discussed some of the determining factors in details below: 

  • Furniture removal

Before any kind of installation work begins, the floor has to be clean. If you try to do this task yourself, it would be extremely time-taking and exhausting. Hiring professionals would do it quicker, but add up your installation costs. 

  • Removal of old flooring

Some people choose to install vinyl floors over the already existing ones. But, if you want to get the old one removed before the new installation begins, you have to incur extra expenses. 

  • Vinyl thickness

Needless to say, the thicker the vinyl plank, the higher the upfront costs. It would require more labour, thus adding up to your expenses. 

  • Sanding and levelling your floor

After the floor is clean and old flooring is removed, the floor has to be levelled. If you are willing to get the best vinyl flooring installation results, levelling the subfloor is a must. However, for sanding and levelling, installers would charge additional prices. 

  • Room Size

Room size plays another obvious role. The larger the size of the room, the more time does it take to install the floor. Larger rooms also require more materials and labour and hence more costs. 

  • Vinyl Flooring Type

Different types of vinyl flooring affect the installation costs differently. They have different installation methods and hence their installation expenses vary. 

Glue down vinyl floors is cost-effective. For installing them, you only need an adhesive. It attaches the floor to the subfloor. Such types of vinyl floors offer you long-lasting stability and are ideal for environments where stability is needed. Though this method is comparatively cheaper than the other one, the use of adhesive and subfloor preparation increases the installation costs. 

Floating vinyl floors are installed by an innovative mechanism where interlocking planks are placed over the subfloors. They are held in place by confinement, friction, and weight. These floors are of higher quality. The upfront costs would be more, but it’s economical in the long run as these floors are more durable. 

The wear layer of the vinyl floor is another determining factor. The thicker the wear layer, the better is the quality of the floor. Thus, it requires more materials and labour. One can find innumerable varieties of vinyl flooring in the market. Though you might feel overwhelmed at first, it’s a good thing as it lets you choose from a wide variety of flooring types.

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